Thursday, April 9, 2009

Avoiding the Dreaded One Sock Syndrome?

Some more thoughts to go with Episode 9 of Knitlark Lane Podcast


I have finished my very first sock. It was really fun to knit, and it feels wonderful on my foot.

I got a bit carried away with the increases in the toe, but it will come in handy if I ever get bunions. Over all, though, am very happy with it for a first sock attempt.

NOW I have to avoid the dreaded FIRST SOCK SYNDROME -- where you knit one sock and never finish the other.


I think I am on the right track with the second sock. My inspiration for finishing projects is the podcast Knitter With Critters. or

Knitter With Critters is the subject of the Podcast Pilgrim section of Episode 9 of the Knitlark Lane podcast. Jackie started her very first podcast by saying she was going to focus her podcasts on the progress she was making in finishing up her Unfinished Objects (UFOs). She has been chronicling her journey in her podcast. Episode 9 dedicates the scarf shown in the blog from March 25 (below) to Knitter With Critters. And I have already cast on for the second sock.

I have many UFOs that I hope to finish in the next months, as I follow along with Jackie and her projects. She is a much more experienced knitter than I am, but I still can follow her lead. I have a list of my UFOs (some of them are knitting projects; some of them are quilting projects). I am trying to work on one of them every week. When I finish one, I get to reward myself (new yarn or new cast on). I'll keep you posted, and check out Jackie, too. (She also has four cats ... the critters).


If you are following along with the novel in the podcast, you know that we met Quasimodo, the Hunchback, this week. It is going to be most interesting to see how Hugo, writing in 1830, treats this character, and we can compare it to what it might be like for someone like Quasimodo today.

You can catch up with the past episodes of the novel at the link for the website, or leave a comment here, and I will try to get them to you.

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  1. Hi, I mentioned you at the end of Episode 18 of my podcast. I look forward to checking out your podcast.