Thursday, February 19, 2009

Need to Read: The Doomsday Book

Picture to go with Knitlark Lane Podcast Episode 4


This is the book that I mentioned in the Need to Read segment of Episode 4 of the podcast. It is a time travel book that is set in Oxford in the modern day and in the middle ages. It grabbed me almost from the beginning, and everyone I have recommended it to has really liked it. I think it has some unforgettable characters.

If you read it (or have read it), please let me know what you think.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Walk With Me to see Blue and Yellow Ribbons

Pictures to go with Knitlark Lane Podcast Episode 3

When I was out walking on a gloomy winter day, this blue ribbon on a mailbox was a bright spot of color -- announcing the birth of my neighbor's baby, Clarke. Then I rounded the corner and saw the yellow ribbon -- another neighbor, another son ... this one in Afghanistan. Two mailboxes, two different ribbons: one for joy, one for hope.

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Reading the Classics ... and a bit more

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Introduction to Knitlark

Welcome to Knitlark!

A "lark" is a bird that likes to sing elaborate songs to express joy.

I love the poem called The Skylark, by Christina Rosetti, where she writes,
"And still the singing skylark soared, And silent sank, and soared to sing."

Reading beautiful words -- literature or poetry -- is one way for those of us who are earthbound to spread our own wings to soar. The word lark also has another meaning. It means a "frolic" or a "spree," and I hope this blog and my podcast can bring a little joy into the life of anyone who reads or listens.

I love to read, and I like history, too. I am trying to learn (relearn) French. It is not easy for me, but it is such a beautiful language I am determined to get better at it. I have also rediscovered knitting, and I am obsessed by yarns and patterns.

I am reading the novel Notre Dame de Paris by Victor Hugo on my podcast. After the reading, I will add "a bit more," which may include the segments Walk With Me, Need to Read, and Knitting Tales.

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