Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Introduction to Knitlark

Welcome to Knitlark!

A "lark" is a bird that likes to sing elaborate songs to express joy.

I love the poem called The Skylark, by Christina Rosetti, where she writes,
"And still the singing skylark soared, And silent sank, and soared to sing."

Reading beautiful words -- literature or poetry -- is one way for those of us who are earthbound to spread our own wings to soar. The word lark also has another meaning. It means a "frolic" or a "spree," and I hope this blog and my podcast can bring a little joy into the life of anyone who reads or listens.

I love to read, and I like history, too. I am trying to learn (relearn) French. It is not easy for me, but it is such a beautiful language I am determined to get better at it. I have also rediscovered knitting, and I am obsessed by yarns and patterns.

I am reading the novel Notre Dame de Paris by Victor Hugo on my podcast. After the reading, I will add "a bit more," which may include the segments Walk With Me, Need to Read, and Knitting Tales.

Click on the link and listen to the podcast:

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