Tuesday, March 31, 2009

First Socks and Life Replay

Hi there. Here is some more information to go along with Episode 8 of the Knitlark Lane Podcast.

Knitting Tales

This is a picture of the socks I talked about in the podcast. I am an "advanced beginner" knitter, and this is my first sock. I am knitting the socks toe-up (I guess that is obvious from the picture :) ) and I'm learning magic loop and the short-row garter stitch heel by Lucy Neatby. My knitting friends say I am biting off a big chunk here but hey, I say "Go big, or don't go at all."
The class is great with Teacher Melanie and Fellow Knitters Nancy and Lilah. We laugh alot about life, love and our knitting adventures.

The yarn is lovely. It is fingering weight 100% merino by Claudia Hand Painted Yarns, Claudia & Co., 40 W Washington St, Harrisonburg, VA 22802 -- ClaudiaCo.com. The colorway is called Sharks, and I love the way the blues and grays complement each other.

Need to Read

Below is a picture of the cover of the book I recommended in the Need to Read Segment of the podcast, Replay by Ken Grimwood. Here is a link to one web review. http://americanfiction.suite101.com/article.cfm/replay_by_ken_grimwood_review
It has also been part of the "You Must Read This" series on NPR's All Things Considered.

The book tells the story of Jeff Winston. He dies on the very first page, and then he begins replaying his life again. It has some themes from the film Groundhog Day (which I loved), but it goes deeper into the idea of second chances and adds some different twists.

I have heard that there is an option for a film version with Julia Roberts and Brad Pitt, so I suggest you try to read it before it gets the Hollywood treatment. It will be a hard one to film and get the right tone, I think. The book is a page-turner, and it stays with you when you finish. Let me know what you think.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Take Out the U from the UFO -- I've FINISHED Something

Hooray! I have finished my first knitted object since my college days when I knit a blue vest (probably out of acrylic yarn) for my then-boyfriend. I worked really hard on that vest. When he opened up the package that I had wrapped so carefully, he made that face that people make when you give them something and they hate it. To be fair, I did not know about gauge then, so it was probably off in size. But still, my heart was in the right place. Anyway, I ditched him not too long after that. Hear more about it in Episode 2 of my podcast, Knitlark Lane, knitlarklane.libsyn.com.

If you get a chance, leave a comment to tell me about someone who was not appreciative of your gift that was knitted or crocheted with love.

But now I have finished my Noro Seed Stitch Scarf. I started with something I could Knit With No Mind . . . in the car . . . anywhere. I also tried to pick something that would not be overwhelming for an Advanced Beginner knitter like me. So, it was (Cast on 21, k1,p1 to end, Repeat. )
My big question is SHOULD I BLOCK THIS? and IF SO, HOW DO I DO THAT?

Here are some pictures. I am SO proud!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Walk With Me to see the City of Ghent, Narcissus Being Himself, and A Host of Golden Daffodils

Pictures to go with the Knitlark Lane Podcast Episode 7

Pictures of the City of Ghent, Belgium

Narcissus sees his reflection and cannot bear to leave it -- I think I dated his brother once.

A host of golden daffodils . . . how can you look at them and not smile?