Monday, January 18, 2010

Slug City -- On the Outskirts

Knitting Mojo - Got it back. All it took was being inspired by my Knit Nite buddies. Thanks, guys. You all are doing such gorgeous things.

I know what happened when I Lost that Lovin' Feeling for my knitting. I knit a hat from Noro Silk Garden to match the scarf I made. I used the generic hat pattern in Knitting Rules by Stephanie Pearl McPhee (the Yarn Harlot). I SWEAR I checked gauge, but something went wrong.

I blocked the hat right before we left for London. It was even a little damp when I put it in the suitcase. I was so excited to take it out and put it on with my scarf as we headed out of the hotel for Green Park. Yikes. WAAAAAAY too big. Even too big for darling hub's head. I don't know what went wrong. My knitting buddies think that Noro may just stretch too much.

So I frogged it. Yuck. Now I am trying a hat called Sea Urchin (free pattern on Ravelry). It is specifically for Noro Yarn, so I will let you know what happens.

I started The Enchanted Wood Lace Shawl Knit Along. It is a stretch for my skills, but I like that I can ask in the Ravelry group if I have a question about things. I have a beautiful very light green yarn from Unique Sheep called Sage. It is gorgeous.

Mindless Knitting - still working on the Twisted Rib Scarf from the Sylph Yarn I bought at Art Fibers in San Fran right before the brick and mortar shop closed (The shop is still online -- check it out). The pattern is easy, (I bought the pattern at the shop) and the yarn is lovely and soft.

Fitness Mojo
We all know what we are supposed to do here: Be mindful of what you eat and how much of it you are shoving in your mouth AND remember to exercise.
Right now I am working on developing better habits.
We all have been developing habits for (Fill in how old you are) years so this is not easy and does not happen overnight.
In the next post, I will write about some things that have worked for me.
So far.

Please check out the KNITLARK LANE podcast.
Good lit while you knit.
A - Fairy Tales
B- A novel: The Hunchback of Notre Dame
C- Moonlight Medley (knitting, books, travel and other stuff)
You can listen on your computer at the link above or download from Itunes.
Always free with no advertisements.

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