Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Leaving Slug City

Ok. I have been a slug. It happens. Holidays. Work wildness. Intestinal bugs (ick). Travel (yum).

But I am nowhere near being the sock jock I wannabe. Or any other kind of jock, for that matter. I have not kept up with the blog (though I did keep up with the podcast, after a fashion)

Time to get out of Slug City.

I did complete a scarf -- called the Labrynth -- for a friend for Christmas in a pretty turquoise. I will be putting pics on my Ravelry page. I also completed another scarf -- simple k1p1 seed stitch -- for a friend I don't see who lives in Oklahoma. (She is Emmalemma on Ravelry). I found a Noro yarn that included a powder blue that was just the shade of a coat she has (and her eyes). I knitted the scarf and sent it as a surprise. She was happy, and that made me happy.

But, to be honest, the knitting mojo has been hibernating. But I am working on finding it again.

I also lost the fitness mojo. I got back on that wagon yesterday. I went to the gym and got on the treadmill. I only did one mile -- paltry -- but it was a start. I am going to walk at lunch today. Tomorrow I am going to get to the gym again. I am going to lose some weight ... five pounds at a time. Join me if you wish. I am listening to the podcast called Podcaster Intervals while I am on the treadmill. Check it out.

Join me finding my way out of Slug City. Any suggestions, cheers (or even jeers) welcome.

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