Friday, February 26, 2010

Olympic Inspiration Sabotages Knitting

I was not going to watch the Olympics this year. But that was a foolhardy thought.

I am Knitlark, and I am an Olympics Junkie. I need help. And sleep.

There is something about the Olympics that sucks me in every time. I like sports, but I do not follow these winters sports as a rule. But here I am --glued to the set-- watching curling and short track and nordic combined.

As I watch, I think about how hard these athletes had to work to get to the point where they could even be considered for the Olympics, never mind win a medal. Think of all the hours of practice over years and years! And because the Olympics happen once ever four years, for many it is now or never.

In the old days when athletes could not accept any sponsor money whatsoever, it was one-and-done for most of them. Who knows what The Great Eric Heiden might have accomplished if he had been able to have sponsors and return for three Olympics a la Apollo Ohno? (Eric Heiden was not able to earn any money from skating sponsors because of the strict rules at the time. He participated in one Olympic Games and then went to medical school)

SO since I am watching so much of the Olympics, I should be getting lots of knitting done, right? WRONG! I might miss a Triple Lutz or a Double Salchow or something equally as thrilling while I am passing a slip stitch over. When I said I was a junkie, I meant it.

But I shall trade in the hockey sticks for the pointy sticks soon. Closing ceremonies are looming. And I can knit during March Madness with no trouble at all.

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