Tuesday, June 16, 2009

La Drouguerie and Jacques Callot

In Episode 16 of Knitlark Lane Podcast, I talk about my visit to the wonderful Yarn, Button, Ribbon and Bead shop in Paris called La Drouguerie. Here is a picture of the front of the shop. I also tried to take a pic of the inside, but they did not allow photos. This was the best I could do from a distance.

It was a fantastic shop. You look around and make your choices, then have a lovely salesperson help you and cut your ribbon, bring out buttons, and show you beads. Very nice service here.
Let me know if you are visiting Paris, and I can give you directions. They also have a smaller shop in Le Bon Marche department store.

Also in the podcast (where the novel The Hunchback of Notre Dame one week and a Fairy Tale or Folk Tale the next) the Hunchback of Notre Dame author Victor Hugo tells us that Gringoire the poet had a big come down in his surroundings from that of Michael Angelo to Callot. This was when Gringoire's adventure took him from directing his play in the Palace of Justice to being captured by the King of Thieves. We all know about M's wonderful paintings that touched the highest spirit known to mankind. Callot did not try to paint God. His subjects were a bit more commonplace. Here are a couple of examples of the work of Jacques Callot.

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